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Private cloud at ZETO Data Center ensures uncompromised security of processed data and availability of services at a level of 99%. Private cloud is a similar solution to a public cloud with one major difference. It is intended only for one organization. It allows you to customize it to unique application needs and security requirements.
In addition, the private cloud has the advantages of a public cloud such as flexibility, speed of implementation, scalability, cost optimization and predictability.

Private cloud should be chosen if:

  • You are interested in the separation of data and a closer influence on security
  • Rapid deployment and scaling of resources with increasing demand for services
  • a protected environment that reflects the target production environment
  • full administrative control over the system and application layer


The public cloud is the most fashionable and fast model for implementing cloud computing. Resources in the public cloud belong to external service providers who provide resources such as server and data storage. In case of the public cloud ZETO Data Center you can choose among suppliers such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon. The advantage of such a solution is low costs and speed of implementation as all software hardware and auxiliary infrastructure are managed by the service provider. In the public cloud, the server’s resources are shared with other organizations that lease the server and the computing power is shared as needed and used.

Advantages of public cloud:

  • Low implementation costs – there is no need to invest in equipment, software or specialists
  • No maintenance and administration costs – all services are provided at the price by the supplier
  • High and almost unlimited scalability – you use resources as your needs grow
  • High reliability – a distributed and reliable network of servers means almost certain protection against failure


This solution allows you to combine the best features of private and public clouds with solutions in your own infrastructure (on-premise). The superiority of a hybrid cloud is its flexibility and the ability to optimize TCO. The biggest advantage of a hybrid cloud is its flexibility. In a hybrid solution, data and applications can be transferred between clouds and thus give more deployment options. You can allot a private cloud for more secure  processing of financial operations. Public cloud for less important elements, such as test environments, shared graphics files, documents, e-mail copies. The hybrid model provides the possibility of gradually replacing on-premise solutions. The combination of private and public clouds is also useful in the case of a sudden increase in traffic requiring additional computing power. What is a hybrid cloud and why was it created? The market does not like emptiness and likes optimization. Combining these two solutions allows you to reduce costs and maintain a high level of private cloud security for the company’s most important resources.

 The advantages of a hybrid cloud:

  • Confidentiality – sensitive data of your organization is stored in a private cloud or on-premise
  • Flexibility – you can use private and public clouds in the event of a step in demand for computing power
  • Profitability – you have the freedom to flexibly distribute resources between your own infrastructure (on-premise) and public and private clouds, always choosing the most cost-effective solution


Analysis of the current infrastructure and preparation of the migration plan

Configuration and optimization of the migration plan

Supervision of data security, including backup

Monitoring the operation of IT infrastructure components and the use of resources

Quick and effective response to detected irregularities and failures

Ensuring high availability through proper design of services, including elimination of single points of failure


Disaster Recovery is a service that allows you to keep office devices and key systems necessary for the proper functioning of your organization ready for use.

In our Data Center, we provide you with a full IT infrastructure supported by the Data Processing Backup Center and IT Outsourcing services. The redundancy of all our systems ensures, in the event of a breakdown in your company, the immediate launch of your company’s systems from our Data Center.