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Monitoring CCTV

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monitoring poznań
Zeto Monitoring CCTV Poznań

In Greater Poland we are an appreciated integrator of advanced CCTV monitoring systems using technologies from such manufacturers as Axxon, Bosch, Axis, Dahua.
The video monitoring systems we activate are not only high image quality up to 4K resolution, but also intelligent image detection and processing functions.

4K resolution

High resolution is provided by high quality 16MPix cameras.

Intelligent image recognition

The system’s efficiency is increased by automatic event recognition functions combined with the possibility of alarming.

Efficient and secure processing

wydajne przetważanie obrazu

We use safe and efficient data loggers and storage systems in accordance with the RODO regulation.

Professional designers

Every design and technology of each monitoring system is supervised by engineers with many years of experience.

Authorized installers

Our company’s installers as well as our subcontractors have the necessary safety certificates and authorizations

IP technology

IT network infrastructure enables easy scaling and expansion of the system with additional cameras and other devices using IP technology.

Zeto Monitoring is a service that has been appreciated by our clients for years.

    Our achievements in this area are:
  • over 400 cameras installed and serviced in the city of Poznań

  • more than 1,500 cameras installed in the last 3 years

  • maintenance provided for dozens of clients

Low-voltage installations

In recent years, Zeto Poznań has significantly expanded the range of services related to the safety of facilities by introducing low-voltage installations to its offer.

The services offered in this scope include teletechnical installations, security systems, fire automatics, and access control.

We have gained a unique position in the market by combining services related to data processing and safety as well as installations affecting the security of facilities and infrastructure.

This comprehensive offer is targeted at companies for which security, management optimization and cost reduction is important.

Alarm systems

systemy alarmowe

Access control

kontrola dostępu

Working time registration

rejestracja czasu pracy

Registration of guards work time

rejestracja czasu pracy wartowników

Buildings automation

automatyka budynków


dzwiękowe systemy ostrzegawcze

Fire signalling

systemy detekcji pożaru

ICT networks

sieci teleinformatyczne

Low voltage installations – assembly

Valuation of investments

Low voltage installations – design

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