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ZETO Poznań has over 50 years of tradition in data processing and analysis

ZETO Poznan history

Founded in 1965, Firm of Electronical Computational Technologies (pl. Zakład Elektronicznej Techniki Obliczeniowej) – ZETO based in Poznań from the very beginning of its existence has provided services related to the processing and analysis of data.

Running the company for more than half a century, we have always been close to the technology and business that has changed over the years, providing innovative solutions that meet the expectations of the most demanding clients and institutions.

Once we achieved a stable and credible position, we had a unique opportunity to experience changes in the economy. We had to find ourselves in new market realities together with our clients while maintaining high quality of service.

Zeto’s professionalism and focus on continuous development over the years has guaranteed our clients the safety and stability of their businesses. In turn, we were aware that the company’s vision and services offered meet their expectations.

We have been operating as a joint-stock company since 1992.

ZETO nowadays

Today, ZETO Poznań is a mature and innovative company combining qualified and experienced management with young, ambitious and creative people. This combination of generations and views is possible thanks to open and transparent communication and a modern approach to development and leadership.

Mainframe as a service

We own and develop one of the most modern data processing and analysis centers in Poznań. Our IBM Mainframe servers are used by the most demanding institutions and companies in the Greater Poland.

IT outsourcing and security

We are also a valued provider of IT Outsourcing services, an integrator of security systems for data, facilities and IT infrastructure.

For many years, we have successfully and with recognition of our clients implemented Data Mining services, Data Processing in public sector institutions as well as large Polish and international companies.

Professional service in this area is ensured by multilingual Help Desk employees and server platforms – Mainframe z13 and Intel x86.

The services and solutions provided by us increase the comfort of work and ensure the security of data, people and properties.

With the emphasis on constant development of competences, we use know-how and the experience of our multi-generational team.

We invest in the latest technologies provided by IBM and develop our own proprietary programming projects.

This allows us to effectively and timely implement solutions to improve the operation of companies and organizations in the Greater Poland voivodeship and in all Poland.

Taking care of our credibility, we have confirmed the quality of services receiving international certificates.

Certyfikat Systemu Zarządzania Jakością spełniającego wymagania normy PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10 – Nr J-819/7/2018

Certyfikat Systemu Zarządzania spełniającego wymagania normy PN-ISO/IEC 20000-1:2014 – Nr L-1/4/2018

Certyfikat Systemu Zarządzania Bezpieczeństwem Informacji spełniającego wymagania normy PN-ISO/IEC 27001:2014 – Nr I-4/5/2018

Audit confirming that these management systems meet the requirements of the above standards were carried out by the Polish Center for Research and Certification S.A.

Above management systems deployed in ZETO S.A. in Poznan, cover all main processes in the company. The use of these systems enables continuous improvement of processes and adaptation to various requirements of clients.

Meeting the client’s needs and expectations is the main goal pursuing our Quality Policy and Information Security Policy.

Sustainable development is an important development factor of ZETO Poznań

Sustainable development is an important development factor of ZETO Poznań
Sustainable development is an integral part of our company’s long-term development strategy Zeto S.A. w Poznaniu.
We pay special attention to business ethics, social and environmental responsibility and the creation of a friendly working environment that ensures respect for human rights.
From the beginning of our activity we wholeheartedly support companies and people in their development and started initiatives that have a key impact on the growth of their businesses.
Creating a better, fairer and more sustainable world begins with designing your own goals and tasks.

Creating a better, fairer and more sustainable world begins with designing your own goals and tasks.

Taking into account sustainable development, we introduce energy-saving and efficient technologies in our company. We reduce the use of packaging and paper, improve logistics.

We support the development of Polish companies with an emphasis on the Poznań subcontractors and suppliers market.
In our projects, we strive to use wherever possible, energy-efficient and recyclable devices and materials.

By adopting ethics in the entire value chain as the most important, we commit ourselves to conduct our business in a fair and transparent manner respecting the law.