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Public administration

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For many years, Zeto Poznań has been supporting Polish cities with the administration of building „smart society“.

The solutions in the field of monitoring and IT deployed by Zeto have an important impact on the safety of residents as well as data processing and storage. They make decisions as to the direction of development easier.
Our offer, thanks to full scalability and flexibility, is directed both to large agglomerations as well as medium and small municipalities.
The activities carried out in this area are aimed at equalizing opportunities in the development of every society.

Zeto Monitoring

City monitoring

Each city should care for the safety of residents. Effectively, this goal is supported by CCTV surveillance television systems. Zeto Monitoring is a product for those who put image quality and intelligent data analysis functions first. In our systems we use devices of such manufacturers as BOSH, AXIS, DAHUA and AXXON software for image analysis.

Intelligent urban monitoring enables:

  • People and faces recognition

  • People and faces recognition

  • Identifying leftover items

  • Identification of disappearing objects

  • Line crossing (intrusion) analysis

  • Detection of colors and shapes

  • Automatic character tracking

  • Verification of traffic

Zeto Monitoring

IT Outsourcing

The efficient operation of the IT network and the security of the data processed in accordance with the requirements of the RODO are the key factors that modern administration must meet. Local government units forced to introduce more and more new systems and more efficient processes are not always able to cope independently in all areas related to the management of IT resources and infrastructure. That is why more and more often, some of the tasks are transferred to external companies.

Outsourcing is the best method of optimizing and ensuring a guarantee of continuous, safe operation of IT infrastructure.

It consists transferring certain operations performed so far on its own to external entities.


Data analysis

Data is a strategic factor influencing the development of every business, but also an important element of effective management in administration.
Presented in a visualized and legible way, they influence the accuracy of decisions made and effective operational activities.
With the help of Tableau, the administration units can easily and quickly process all collected data from different systems and visualize them using the drag-and-drop method. Knowledge of difficult rules, macros and scripts that is associated with writing complicated formulas is not needed here.
Tableau provides a number of easy-to-understand dashboards. Navigation is clear and intuitive.
See how to use Tableau and its possibilities to make better forecasts and decisions.


Discover the potential benefits

Monitoring Przemysłu
  • Improving public safety
  • More effective interventions
  • Reduction of costs associated with vandalism
  • Increased data security
  • Professional support
  • Cost optimization
Business Intelligence Przemysłu
  • More effective decision making
  • Clear visualizations of data
  • Faster identification of problems