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CCTV monitoring

Zeto Monitoring

CCTV monitoring systems have a real impact on the safety of employees and clients of commercial facilities. They minimize losses resulting from theft and acts of vandalism. Zeto Poznań is an integrator of intelligent Axxon vision monitoring systems, whose functions enable fight against the theft of goods and robberies at the cash registers. The system will also help in the optimization of the store’s area in terms of increasing sales, scheduling employee shifts, and placing advertisements.

Zeto Monitoring

Sales systems

The ZETO Commerce system developed and expanded by Zeto Poznań is an excellent product facilitating sales in retail sales network. The modular architecture of the system has been designed in such a way that in the case of communication failure between the company’s headquarters and individual points of sales, they can easily carry out their operational work. After the communication is restored, all data is synchronized.


Each business is based on the concept of profit resulting not only due to increased profit or sales. Profit is also saved money.

The products and services developed by Zeto have been adjusted to profitably affect sales management and the security of commercial facilities.

IT outsourcing

Modern commerce can’t exist today without an IT infrastructure and efficient information and data flow. The more the IT system grows, the more capital expenditures are needed for its maintenance and development. We are talking about end devices, servers, inspections and qualified IT service.

The offer of IT outsourcing is addressed to those companies that want to maintain the highest level of security and maintenance of the IT network, while optimizing the costs and activities related to its operation.


Data analysis

Each strategy is based on data. We have combined our Multi Commerce sales system with the Tableau analytical system to allow even better and faster analysis of information coming from our system or any CRM system in your company.

By analyzing Multi Commerce, CRM or sales data at Tableau, you can easily segment potential customers, products and points of sale. Keep track of the results and flows of products and finance in real time. Sales teams around the world use Tableau to develop strategies and accurately forecast sales results.


Potential benefits

Monitoring Przemysłu
  • Protection and safety
  • Theft prevention
  • Optimization of exhibition space
  • Cost reduction
  • Data safety
  • Quick support
Wsparcie sprzedaży detalicznej
  • Increase of sales
  • Stock up control
  • Real time stock amount preview
Business Intelligence Przemysłu
  • Fast information analysis
  • Easy data visualization
  • Better forecasting