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Solutions for sports facilities

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CCTV monitoring

Intelligent solutions that increase the safety of sports facilities

Monitoring of stadiums and other sports facilities is a very important aspect in the context of mass events taking place there. Ensuring the safety of athletes, fans and the protection of facilities during these events is a great challenge for the services and organizers.

Video surveillance systems installed by Zeto Poznań help to ensure a high level of safety of mass events and, as a result, satisfaction of fans and sportsmen.

In our projects, we place great emphasis on quality and image analysis, therefore, people supervising the monitoring system can make decisions in a quicker and easier way and route appropriate security services to hazardous areas.

Zeto Monitoring

IT outsourcing

Storing hundreds of hours of video, press materials, visitor and transactions data requires secure IT infrastructure. The offer, developed by Zeto Poznań, supports owners of sports facilities in the IT organization of mass events and ensures the daily reliable operation of the IT infrastructure. By using our offer you can choose from a range of services only those that you think are necessary for your business like implementation of copy of IT systems, storage of copies of systems critical for the operation of the facility, implementation of video transmission on the Internet.

IT support for journalists, invited guests and employees, both on-site and remotely.


We use solutions that enable:

  • Counting the number of viewers
  • Analysis of the spectator profile
  • Checking viewers before entry whether they have a stadium ban
  • Detecting abandoned objects
  • Monitoring of zones inaccessible to viewers
  • Monitoring of entrances, exits, ticket offices, evacuation routes, staircases
  • Checking the authenticity of documents