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Do you need a warranty that yours and your customers’ data is safe?

Do you want applications to run fast and flawlessly?

Do you need real time data and information exchange with your clients?

IBM mainframe allows to achieve these goals.

IBM Mainframe Zeto Poznań

A modern business based on IBM mainframe servers guarantees clients a high level of security of entrusted data.

Stable hardware and application solutions introduced by IBM in mainframe servers are especially dedicated to those customers who value efficiency and reliability.


The most trusted servers in the world offer 100% encryption to protect data against internal and external threats.


IBM mainframe for 99.999% of the time ensures uninterrupted work cycle and availability.


It processes billions of transactions on one server with speeds of 2.8x higher than competitors.

The development of IT technology and the increasing availability of digital services and processed data mean that mainframe devices are used to support increasingly the most demanding organizations.

IBM Mainframe Zeto Poznań

IBM Mainframe Z13s

where it processes operations carried out by its clients.
This is the third IBM mainframe machine in Zeto Poznań server rooms, which joined the previous models z114 and z9.

IBM Mainframe Zeto Poznań
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